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16 Seater Minibus Hire

Derby – 16 Seater Minibus 

A 16 seater minibus suits most mid-sized group of friends, corporate executives, team members, colleagues, large families, and more, for almost all purposes, including going on days out or niites out trip, attending stag do or hen do nights, attending a corporate training programme, visiting a race course or a golf course, partaking in a concert, making airport transfers, and more. It offers a viable alternative to taking three or more expensive taxi cabs, relying on smaller individual personal vehicles, or resorting to public transportation.  
When you avail our minibus hire in Derby, you are further assured of a high end vehicle. The Mercedes 16 seater is one of our most popular vehicle, always in high demand. However, we have an established presence, a large fleet size, and a dedicate customer support team that coordinates things effectively, meaning you get the preferred vehicle of your choice, at any time of the day or night. We offer the lowest rates, much less than what others charge for comparable services.  
When you avail our Derby minibus hire, you get not just the well maintained and posh vehicle, but the support of the committed customer care team, who goes all out in ensuring all glitches or issues are sorted out before the trip, and who takes special care in accommodating all your special requests. All our drivers are skilled and resourceful, rising to the occasion to take diversions wherever required, handle any emergencies with presence of mind, and more. We offer a complete experience, and a fulfilling relationship, beyond simply providing you with a vehicle.  
The glowing testimonials we receive from satisfied clients, and our large base of regular customers, including corporate clients, are for good reasons.